The features and needs of our small type of screw feeder

We manufacture screw feeders in Japan and sell them not only in Japan but also overseas, but as shown in the products introduced, we also manufacture products for different applications from regular screw conveyors, such as table-top size or specifications that can be moved.

What are the characteristics and needs of this type of equipment?

Needs for small type of screw feeder

  1. space constraints: small feeding machines are needed where space is limited and machines need to be installed, such as on small production lines or in laboratories. Where there is no space for larger equipment, small feeders are useful. 2.
  2. low-volume production: small screw-type feeders are very useful where small amounts of powder need to be accurately fed. They are suitable for small production lines and prototype production.
  3. versatility: small feeders are easily adapted to high-mix low-volume production and offer the flexibility to handle a wide range of products. They are used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, food and chemical.
  4. cost efficiency: small feeders are less expensive to install than their larger counterparts, which is advantageous when a low initial investment is required. They also consume less energy, which contributes to lower operating costs.
  5. easy operation and maintenance: small machines are simple to operate and easy to maintain. Ease of operation is a major advantage, especially when settings need to be changed frequently.

Main applications

– Pharmaceutical industry: used to feed small quantities of raw materials and reagents, in research and development departments and on test production lines.

– Food industry: suitable for the supply of small quantities of seasonings and additives, especially for special products and products in the prototype stage.

– Chemical industry: used to supply chemicals and reagents in laboratories and small production lines.

– Electronic component manufacturing: for feeding small quantities of powders in electronic component and semiconductor manufacturing, where precise powder feeding is required.

Examples of small small type of screw feeders

– Laboratory dosing machines: compact screw-type dosing machines are available specifically for research and development applications, offering precision control and small-volume dosing.

– Table-top feeders: table-top feeders are available, suitable for small production lines and testing applications, minimising installation space.

– Portable feeders: portable versions exist for easy mobility and can be used in different locations.


Small screw-type feeders have a variety of needs and are used in many industrial sectors. They play an important role in small-scale manufacturing processes and research and development due to their advantages in terms of limited space, small production quantities and cost-effectiveness. When selecting a model, it is important to choose the most suitable model for the specific application, required supply and installation environment.

Seiwa Giken mainly manufactures small to medium-sized equipment. Large products such as screw conveyors are manufactured in many countries, but portable powder feeders are rarely seen. We believe that our screw feeders will be used by your company in many more regions and companies in the future.