Question and answer about our powder feeding machine

When it comes to purchasing products from overseas, there are many differences from purchasing products domestically.
I think this may cause some anxiety. Although this is just an example, we will introduce frequently asked questions and sample answers, so please feel free to use them as a reference.

Q:I would like to inquire about a product, where should I contact you?

A:Please contact us using the inquiry form on our home page.
Or there is a Whatsapp QR code that connects you directly to the overseas sales representative.
A representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Q:Is there a sales agent?

A:We do not have a sales agent, and all inquiries are handled through our head office.This allows us to respond quickly to inquiries.

Q:Is it available to have a meeting in English? 

A:We will respond in English. Depending on the time difference, we also support chat and WebMeeting if we have time.

Q:Do you have a track record of shipping overseas?

A:We have a proven track record in Asia, Europe, and North America.
By the way, we have a track record of delivering our products to over 2000 companies in Japan.

Q:Which shipping company do you use?

A:Fedex, DHL, etc. We will be happy to discuss this separately if you specify.

Q:How much does it cost to ship from Japan?

A:Depends on the size of the device and the country of delivery.To give you an example,
・Mini screw feeder (approx. 100,000 yen to Europe)
・Screw feeder (20L hopper) (approx. 200,000 yen to North america)
Please contact us for details when creating a quote.

Q:How is the equipment delivered?

A:Depending on the size of the equipment, we will deliver door-to-door if possible. If you wish, we can also deliver the item to the airport or to a factory within Japan. Please contact us for details.

Q:How long does the lead time take?

A:About 1 months. (From order receipt to completion of shipping preparation)
Basically, we manufacture custom-made products according to the customer’s specifications, so our products are made to order. However, in the case of small devices, it is possible to shorten the length a little.

Q:Please tell me about payment

After receiving your order, we ask that you pay 100% in cash. We will manufacture the item after confirming the payment.
However, we also accept payment in installments, for example (30% at the time of order, 40% before production, 30% before shipping).

Q:If the voltage is different from Japan, will it be supported?
There are some products that can be changed, but we generally recommend preparing a transformer.
This is because changing the voltage can greatly affect the design of the device.

Q:Who should I contact if something happens to my device?Are there any repair bases outside of Japan?

A:Unfortunately, we currently do not have any locations outside of Japan.Our head office will be your point of contact for any repairs or questions you may have. Since agents and trading companies are not involved, we can respond quickly and at low cost.

Q:Is there a warranty?

Unfortunately, we are not covered by the warranty outside of Japan, but please feel free to contact us as we may be able to discuss the issue depending on the details.
However, our products are thoroughly inspected and made to be durable, so even products shipped overseas can be used for a long time without any problems.