Mechanism structure

 The purpose of our rocking shaker and rocking mill is to stir, mix and disperse.
 These two machines differ in appearance and weight,
 but they actually operate with the same mechanical structure.


How does it work??

The motive power of both machines is motor in inside and springs set at the bottom.
The shaft moves left and right while swinging in small step, by moving the motor. 



It attaches holders to both ends, that clamps various containers.
Up to this point, the movement is back and forth and left and right.
And there is something that is necessary to create three-dimensional movement…it’s springs.



The machine is capable of shaking and mixing containers hardly,without
springs, however they would be put on strain caused by hard moving.
To prevent this problem,we attach four springs at the bottom of machine,and manufacture them to be
separation structure.
The machine moves up and down
in addition to moving of shaft, front and back and left and right,
by the power of springs.
This principle create movement in three dimension.




If machines were not separation structure,  they may move somewhere
whilie runnning,so we manufacutre them intensionally heavy for customer’s safe.




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