• Screw feeder

Screw feeder

How to use the powder filling and feeding machine, Screw Feeder, and its functions vary depending on the type of industry, factory line, and requirements of customer.
That is why we have continued to improve the level of both hardware and software over the past several decades in order to offer the best products to more customers.
Seiwa Giken will work together with our customers to create screw feeders that are not just standard products, but truly benefit our customers.

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Mini screw feeder

The mini screw feeder is a portable powder feeder that can be used indoors or in confined spaces such as laboratories, science, research laboratories, and R&D. This equipment is characterized by its compact size, space saving, and high disassembly due to its integrated control panel. Compared to standard screw feeders, it can feed smaller quantities, making it useful for R&D departments that must test many different types of raw materials.

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We manufacture the high quality
feeder equipment for powdered material

We are a Japanese manufacturer of powder feeding equipment. Our main product,
we call them"screw feeder", can be customized to your specifications.

We perform all processes in-house, including design, machining, welding, assembly, and inspection. This enables us to achieve quick delivery, low prices, and high quality.We will continue to provide world-class Japanese technology with confidence.

【Introduction example】
Our screw feeder has been connected to an experimental equipment

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About Us

We are a powder feeding equipment manufacturer, headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan. At our company, we handle everything from design, parts processing, welding, assembly, to electrical design, ensuring consistency throughout the process. This allows us not only to offer low-cost and high-quality solutions but also to create devices tailored to solving our customers\' challenges. Through our comprehensive product quality and customer support, Seiwa Giken has become a trusted partner chosen by many companies both domestically and internationally.

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Screw feeder


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