• Screw feeder

Screw feeder

Our screw feeder and is one of the handling equipment, manufacturered for feeding powder and materials with the rotation of screw. We could propose various screw sizes and control methods according to the desired feed rate,accuracy, and using environment. Easy design for one-touch disassemble structure is one of our equipment feature.We have been manufacturering various screw feeder,conveyor,and material hadling equipment according with various powder and materials of product in the market place. We are sure, that our equipment helps your producing method of products, by using our system for making custom-made material conveying system.

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Mini screw feeder

Our mini screw feeder is portable equipment, which is able to be used indoor and narrow place, like laboratory,science,institute,reserach and development.The best feature of this machine is, can dose small quantities,also it is able to work as a powder dispenser.It is possible to clean the screw with one-touch disassembly without tool, and the it is the best size for using in small installation space.

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We reach the best Japanese screw feeders   

We are the screw feeder manufacturer in Japan. Our screw feeder, which is one of our
main product is able to be customized according to the customer's specifications. All manufacturing processes are planed
in-house, so we can deliver products with short lead times,low price and high quality.
We will keep to offer world-class Japanese technology with confidence.
Mini Screw Feeder

Providing satisfaction to abroad with screw feeders


We have many delivery records for overseas customers,always welcome to do web meeting and chat in English.Please do not hesitate to contact us,We look forward contacting with customers all over the world.


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