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STEP1 Sales

We support customers all over Japan.If you are interested in the homepage, please feel free to contact us by phone or email first.
After a detailed specification meeting through test confirmation, we will submit an estimate.Our sales staff with a wealth of technical experience will be able to make the best proposal for your company.

STEP4 Welding

All of our products, from small to large, are welded in-house. The material handled is almost stainless steel, and the delivery industry is wide ranging from chemicals and foods to pharmaceuticals, and it also supports sanitary and GMP.

STEP2 Design

We perform mechanical design and electrical design in-house.In particular, a 3D-CAD system has been introduced for machine design, and the proposals have been well received for being three-dimensional and easy to imagine.In addition, please feel free to contact us as we can flexibly customize according to your installation conditions and requests.

STEP5 Assembly

Performs machine assembly adjustment and electrical wiring.We carry out not only standard products but also design products such as custom-made equipment from assembly to local launch.We have a large track record of delivery to major companies and have the skills to respond to higher quality levels.


STEP3 Machining

All machining is performed at our own factory, so we can respond immediately in case of emergency.The control panel is manufactured in-house, from electrical wiring to programming, so it can flexibly respond to specification changes.


STEP6 Inspection

After completion, we will conduct an in-house inspection.
In particular, for dimension inspection, two coordinate measuring machines, a spatial coordinate type and a 3D scanner type, are installed to enable highly accurate measurement.



Multifunction CNC lathe

Equipped with the latest multifunction machine that has both the turning function of NC lathes and the cutting work of the machining center, all complex shaft machining can be performed in-house.

5-axis machining machine

This is more flexible machining method that can be performed with a machine that adds two rotation tilt axes to the three axes of the linear axis XYZ.
By adding a rotation axis, many parts can be machined with a single setup.

3D printer

With the introduction of 3D printers, the efficiency of the prototype process has improved and product development has been sped up. In addition, it will be possible to manufacture shapes that could not be realized until now, expanding the range of products.

Design facilities3D-CAD system
Processing facilities・ Composite CNC lathe
・ Wire cut electric discharge machine
・ Machining center
・ NC lathe
・ General-purpose lathe
・ Fries
・ TIG welding machine and others
Inspection equipment・ Spatial coordinate measuring device
・ 3D scanner type 3D measuring machine

Corporate history

1972Established a company for mass production of the clinical diagnostic instrument "Diagonometer". Designed and manufactured mainly developed products of test and analysis equipment.
1977Started design and production of labor-saving machines for production sites
1984Head office and factory relocated
1986Increased capital to 13 million yen, relocated head office and factory
1991In-house developed microcomputer
1992Build a new factory and expand operations
2009Established technology brand "monoscore" and worked on technical sales service
2016Ichio Masaki becomes chairman, Takehiro Ooe becomes president, and new system starts
2017Opened Tokyo Sales Office, newly established test room, introduced 3D measuring machine, and enhanced internal inspection system
2019Established head office
Company nameSeiwa Giken Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentJanuary 10, 1972
Capital13 million yen
RepresentativeRepresentative Director Takehiro Ooe