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Our rocking mill has been used on various puropose(Laboratory, development section,Study of university and so on)
This is the equipment, that brings out its great potensial in a short time by powerful shaking and mixing.

Equipped with a transparent PET resin safety cover that is visible to the processing chamber and resistant to cracks,
and has an interlock that cannot be operated unless the cover is closed.



Powerful stirring and mixing with a swing angle of 16 mm up and down and 29 ° left and right







Exapmles of patent study with ROCKING MILL

Heavy Industries,LtdManufacturing method of hydrogen storage material and treating method of hydrogen storage material(used as a hydrogen storage manufacturing machine)
Industrial materials,LtdMixed conductive powder and use thereof(used as a mixng machine)
Heavy Industries,LtdMethod for generating hydrogen(used as a mixing machine)
Paint company LtdMethod of image forming(Used as a image forming machine)
Method for producing lower titanium oxied particle-containing composition(Used as a wet crusher)
Materials Industries,LtdMagnesium hydroxide fine power dispersion and method for producing the same(used for shering and dispersing)
UniversityStudy of nano-space carbon(used as a atomosphere control device)
Science Industires,LtdStudy for nonaqueous pigment ink(used as dispersing device)
Industirial material,LtdMethod of corting materials and photocatalytic film(used as crushing device)
Chemical Industries,LtdMethod of highly filled mixture conductive powder,and paste(used as crushing device)
UniversityMixing for radiation light powder diffraction data(SrCO2,BaCO2,Fe202,MoO2) (used as mixng device)
Chemical Industiries,LtdDevelopment research for oil jetink ink that is able to suppress degradation,and being superior cissing resistance of nozzle plate(used as dispersing device)