Mini screw feeder

Mini screw feeder

Mini screw feeder

The most suitable laboratory and science equipments to feed powder and material
Space-saving and compact size

・Quantitative amount for feeding powder,
・Easy operation, just turn the dial to adjust the amount needed
・All-in-one structure with integrated control panel

Mini screw feeder

One-touch disassembly without tools,working automatically.

・The time for taking to disassemble is only 30seconds
・Greatly improvement for disassembly and clean efficiency
・The structure specialized for easy usability

Feed screw

Mini screw feeder

Due to the characteristics of research and development,
Many types of powder or materials would be used to cover many different topics.

In addition to standard feed screws, there are various types of screws such as coreless, springs, and machined,
so it is able to handle a wide range of materials, from pellets to various powders by changing the screws.

Used as science and laboratory equipment

Mini screw feeder

Our mini screw feeder has been selected as one of the tools for experimentation, research, and development. For example, it is very useful when you want to supply a fixed amount in a lab room or when you want to try various raw materials little by little in product development. No tools are required for disassembly, and cleaning and sterilization could be completed in a short time.  It is able to install on the desktop, so there is no problem for changing the location if you required. If you could have just one this equipment  in your lab, it would definitely support your project, and work smoothly.

Preventative measures against powder bridging
 (Optional function)

What is powder bridging?
A phenomenon that powder do not flow smoothly in the hopper and  becomes clogged.It often occurs in powders with poor fluidity

Mini screw feeder


Stir powders slowly in the hopper,
to make  effect of loosening  and not clumping them
One-touch installation of the dedicated hopper without tools.
(* 100V power supply is required)

Mini screw feeder

Air vibrator

Effective for raw materials that do not have high bridging properties
It works with good effect  for flowing  powders  by vibrating the hopper slightly.
The vibration intensity is changeable by adjusting the air pressure.
(Air source (0.5Mpa) is required)

Installation with other equipments
(Extruders and crushers)

Mini screw feeder

Feed powder from low position

Installation space is narrow

Mini screw feeder
Mini screw feeder

Low outlet model

Horizontal model

It is also possible to connect to the equipment of the supply destination using ferrules and flanges.

Mini Screw Feeder
SpecificationSpeed control and Timer
Feeder diameterφ25.4
Feed ScrewStandard, shaftless,Double-start-screw,Spring
Hopper capacity1L.or 3L
Feed rate(Standard) 600g-6kg / hour  ※In case of pellet(Bulk density:0.7)
(High speed H) 1200-12Kg / hour
(Low speed L) 300 ~ 3Kg / hour
(Ultra low speed SL) 60-600g / hour
TimerDigital timer (up to 99 minutes 59 seconds)
Input voltageSingle phase 100V AC(50/60hz)
External dimensions(W)150×(D)437×(H)406mm