Mini screw feeder

Screw feeder

Mini screw feeder

Ideal for laboratories and scientific instruments that feeds powders and materials.

・Capable of metered feed in small quantities.
・Easy operation by simply turning a dial.
・All-in-one structure with integrated control panel.

Tool-free one-touch disassembly and automatic operation on a timer.

・Disassembly takes only 30 seconds.
・Dramatically improved disassembly and cleaning efficiency.
・Structure specialized for ease of use.

Types of feed screw

Depending on the characteristics of the R&D, there are different types of powders and raw materials.
In addition to the general standard feed screw, various types of screws are available, such as coreless, spring, and machining etc.
By replacing the screw, a wide range of materials can be handled, from pellets to various types of powders.

Used as science and laboratory equipment

Our mini screw feeders are chosen as one of the tools for experiments, research, and development. For example, they are very useful when you want to feed a certain amount in a laboratory, or when you want to test various raw materials little by little in product development. No tools are required for disassembly, and cleaning and sterilization can be completed in a short time. Since it can be installed on a desktop, it is possible to change its location as needed. Having one in your lab is sure to make your projects run more smoothly.

Powder Bridge Countermeasures

What is powder bridge?
A phenomenon in which powder does not flow smoothly in the hopper and gets stuck.It often occurs in powders with poor fluidity

Mini screw feeder


Slowly agitates powder in the hopper.
It has the effect of loosening powder and breaking up clumps.
Installation of the dedicated hopper is one-touch and without tools.
(100V power supply is required.)

Mini screw feeder

Air vibrator

Air Vibrator
Effective for raw materials with low bridging properties.
The hopper is vibrated slightly to make the powder flow effectively.
Vibration intensity can be changed by adjusting air pressure.
(An air source (0.5 Mpa) is required.)

Installation connected to other equipment
(Extruders and crushers)

Mini screw feeder

Feed powders from a low position

Small installation space

Mini screw feeder
Mini screw feeder

Low outlet type

Horizontal type

Connectable to the equipment to be fed using a ferrule or flange

Mini Screw Feeder
SpecificationSpeed control and Timer
Feeder diameterφ25.4
Feed ScrewStandard, shaftless,Double-start-screw,Spring
Hopper capacity1L.or 3L
Feed rate(Standard) 600g-6kg / hour  ※In case of pellet(Bulk density:0.7)
(High speed H) 1200-12Kg / hour
(Low speed L) 300 ~ 3Kg / hour
(Ultra low speed SL) 60-600g / hour
TimerDigital timer (up to 99 minutes 59 seconds)
Input voltageSingle phase 100V AC(50/60hz)
External dimensions(W)150×(D)437×(H)406mm