How to use a screw feeder

How to use a screw feeder

“We would like to feed powder of XX” There are many inquiries over the phone that start with such a first sentence. Of course, this is also OK, but the necessary equipment configuration will change depending on [whether the powder should be conveyed quantitatively] and [whether it is necessary to properly weigh 〇 kg at one time].

Simply put, [whether or not it is necessary to actually weigh the ingredients? ] That means.

Our “SM Screw Feeder” has variable speed control of the screw rotation speed with an inverter as a basic specification.

The simplest method is to set the number of rotations of the screw with the frequency of the inverter, run it for 0 seconds (minutes) with a timer, and then stop it. This does not mean that the weight of the raw material is actually weighed on a scale, so of course the weight is not accurate.

It is installed in the line, and it is used to continuously feed raw materials quantitatively so that there is no variation according to the equipment capacity on the downstream side. I think that this method (capacitance type) is fine for fine adjustment.

However, if it is necessary to weigh 〇 kg accurately, it is necessary to actually weigh the raw material on a scale (weighing method). There are roughly two types of methods for weighing raw materials supplied by a screw feeder.

(1) Weigh the powder with a platform scale while receiving the raw material that comes out with a container or bag, and feed back the measured value to the control panel to stop at an accurate weighed value.
(2) Place the whole raw material put into the feeder + hopper on a scale and weigh it, and control the weight that is reduced by feeding the powder.

(1) is used to subdivide raw materials, and (2) is used to supply raw materials to locations where scales cannot be placed at the supply destination (extruders, stirring tanks, etc.).

In this way, the necessary equipment configuration changes depending on how you want to use it for the work of “just conveying powder” and how much accuracy you need.
If you are not sure what to choose, please feel free to contact us first.

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