We support customers all over Japan.
If you are interested in the homepage, please feel free to contact us by phone or email first.
After a detailed specification meeting through test confirmation, we will submit an estimate.
Our sales staff with a wealth of technical experience will be able to make the best proposal for your company.


We perform mechanical design and electrical design in-house.
In particular, a 3D-CAD system has been introduced for machine design, and the proposals have been well received for being three-dimensional and easy to imagine.
In addition, please feel free to contact us as we can flexibly customize according to your installation conditions and requests.
It is possible to respond quickly and at low cost only by the integrated system of our factory.

Processing / Production

All machining is performed at our own factory, so we can respond immediately in case of emergency.
The control panel is manufactured in-house, from electrical wiring to programming, so it can flexibly respond to specification changes.


Performs machine assembly adjustment and electrical wiring.
We carry out not only standard products but also design products such as custom-made equipment from assembly to local launch.
We have a large track record of delivery to major companies and have the skills to respond to higher quality levels.


After completion, we will conduct an in-house inspection.
In particular, for dimension inspection, two coordinate measuring machines, a spatial coordinate type and a 3D scanner type, are installed to enable highly accurate measurement.