Feeding materials to high place

Powder feeder with lifter, suitable for feeding materials to high places

In a production site dealing with powder materials, one common issue that often arises is the “lifting and inputting of heavy raw materials.” How is it in your workplace?

The task of “lifting a heavy 20kg paper bag using stairs and manually inputting it” is still realistically performed in many places.

There are obvious risks associated with manual handling of heavy work, and there is a fatal drawback in that manual input cannot ensure quantitative supply.

Various cases can be considered for the task, such as lifting and inputting materials to a height of approximately 2000mm. Candidate solutions include belt conveyors, bucket conveyors, pneumatic conveying, inclined screw conveyors, and more.

・Belt conveyors are ruled out due to the scattering of materials in the surrounding area.
・Bucket conveyors also have a lot of material scattering, making them unsuitable in terms of environmental and cleaning aspects.
・Pneumatic conveying is acceptable if there is no material change, but it presents challenges in cleaning the suction hose.
・Inclined screw conveyors can be designed with a U-shaped trough for easy cleaning, but they are unsuitable when there is a need to change materials.

As the inclination becomes steeper, conveying efficiency decreases, the pipe becomes longer, and maintenance becomes more difficult. Additionally, installation space is required, and it is generally fixed in place.

Considering the above, how about a “screw feeder with a lifting lifter”?

With a lifting lifter, you can choose between cost-effective manual or foot-operated lifting, or efficiency-focused battery-powered lifting. This provides convenience in terms of usability, allowing you to pull it in only when needed and set it to the input location.