Air driven magnetic stirrer

Ideal for stirring solvents and other materials in explosion-proof environments where electricity is not available
Fully explosion-proof magnetic stirrer driven by compressed air

Applicable containerCapacity: MAX 20L (container made of non-magnetic material with flat bottom)
RotorsGeneral rotors available on the market can be used
FrequencyHigh speed H: 300 to 1100rpm, medium speed M: 200 to 730rpm, low speed L: 150 to 500rpm
power sourceCompressed air 0.4~0.6MPa
Consumption 120 to 230 L/min (ANR)
MaterialBody exterior SUS304
External dimensions(W)310×(D)310×(H)142mm
Total weight5kg

The EAS series of air-driven explosion-proof stirrers are fully air-driven magnetic stirrers that do not use any electricity and can be used in explosion-proof environments.
The usage is the same as that of a normal magnetic stirrer.
The speed of rotation is changed by adjusting the supply air pressure with a regulator and the air flow rate by turning a valve.
Three types of speeds can be selected according to the operating speed range: high speed, medium speed, and low speed.