Rocking mill model-05(standard type)

Rocking mill is useful for blending powder in laboratory,or development section. It shakes small -capacity containers at high speed without using a stirring blade,so unique style in the world.
It is often used for research and development in companies and universities.

Applicable containerCommercially available polypropylene bottles ※(500ml x 2 each)
Loading weight3Kg or less
Frequency700 rpm (resonant point cannot be used)
Attached functionsInverter variable speed, digital timer
Safety cover with interlock
UtilityPower supply AC100V ,AC200~220V
External dimensions(W)450×(D)600×(H)520mm

 Combined movement of left and right swing and up and down reciprocation

The rocking mill shakes the container at high speed to vigorously agitate the container.
Equipped with a transparent PET resin safety cover that is visible to the processing chamber and resistant to cracks, and has an interlock that cannot be operated unless the cover is closed.



 Use an inexpensive commercially available polypropylene container

It is possible to use a commercially available PP container that is ideal for sampling.