Can powder feeding equipment feed all the material?

Residues of powder materials

When considering a screw feeder, we often receive inquiries regarding whether it can discharge all the raw materials. The conclusion is that “it is impossible to achieve complete discharge, and there will inevitably be some residue.”

Due to the inability to reduce the clearance to zero between the inner wall of the screw casing (outer tube) and the screw, some residue will unavoidably remain in the gaps. Additionally, depending on the flow of the raw materials, it is inevitable that residue will accumulate in areas prone to retention within the feeder.

The amount of residue at the point where it becomes impossible to discharge with the screw ultimately depends on the type of raw material. However, incorporating a vibrator on the feeder or providing a mechanism to tilt the feeder along with it can help minimize the residue as much as possible.

The powdering section (inside the feeder and hopper) is manufactured with a polished (buffed) finish, making it relatively resistant to powder adhesion, and any adhesion that occurs is easily removable.

However, due to the nature of powders, even with any smooth processing applied, a thin layer of powder tends to adhere to the surface. This can accumulate over time, making it unavoidable to have some raw material residue.

Regarding residue inside the feeder:

  • The amount of residue varies depending on the powder’s characteristics.
  • While achieving zero residue is not possible, it is feasible to minimize it as much as possible through ingenuity.

We hope you understand these points about raw material residue in the feeder. Our company addresses such customer requests with various ideas to approach the ideal situation as closely as possible. Please feel free to consult with us.