Case study No.4: Our scew feeder and vacuum coveyor

Automatic feeding of powder materials with vaccum conveyor

Screw feeders are convenient machines that discharge powder materials at a fixed rate and are useful in a variety of industries. At the same time, however, there are challenges in feeding materials to screw feeders. One of them is that we want to feed materials into a hopper installed in a high place, but it is dangerous to do so at a high place. One of the methods we propose to solve this problem is a vacuum conveyor.

Placing the vacuum conveyor on top of our powder feeding machine, it makes to be possible to automate the material feeding process.
This refers to equipment and systems used for moving substances such as powders and granules using air suction. Let’s outline some basic functions and features of an air suction loader.

Suction Principle: Air suction loaders use the flow of air to suction powders and granules. This allows substances to be moved from specific locations into the loader.

Loader Design: Typically, an air suction loader includes suction nozzles, suction fans or pumps, and containment structures to hold the material. This enables a process where the material is suctioned, transported, and released at the required location.

Applications: Air suction loaders are used in various industries for handling powders and granules. For example, they are utilized in the transportation of raw materials and products in industries such as food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

Automation and Efficiency: Air suction loaders serve as tools for automating material handling and improving the efficiency of production processes. They enable rapid and hygienic transportation, especially compared to manual handling.

These devices play a crucial role in processes involving the transportation of powders and granules by minimizing contamination and maintaining a clean working environment. Different industries and applications may use air suction loaders with varying designs and specifications.

By placing this device on top of our screw feeder, a complete cycle system is achieved, automating the process from raw material input to discharge. We are also capable of manufacturing this suction loader ourselves. If you have any interest or questions, please feel free to contact us.