The countermeasure for flowing material after screw feeder stops

Countermeasures against excess outflow after stopping the screw feeder

Granules supplied by a screw feeder have various characteristics. For example, when supplying general resin pellets or pellets with good flow, the supply itself is very easy without bridges, but there are also problems associated with it. Even after the screw feeder stops, the material flow rate is good and excess raw material may flow out. In this case, it affects emissions. As countermeasures, a shutter can be attached to the tip of the screw feeder. As a result, the shutter closes at the same time as the screw stops, preventing excess material from flowing out. The structure is simple, the shutter opens only when the screw is moving and closes when it stops. An air cylinder is usually used for the opening and closing mechanism. (It is also possible to attach a shutter to the end of the feeder with a clamp, so please contact us if you need to prevent water leakage.)