Powder filling machine

Quickly measure and drop
Mass measuring for speed filling

Measuring methodDrop and scrape measuring by its own weight
measuring rangeMaximum 1,050cc or less
※Depending on size of cup
Hopper20L(standard type)
OptionBridge breaker (Agitator)
Air vibrator
SpecificationPower supply AC100V single phase (50 / 60Hz)
Air compression 0.5Mpa, Φ6 air tube
External dimensions(W)480×(D)580×(H)1080

The cup measuring device measures powder and granular raw material that falls from the hopper by its own weight with a cup, flips it while scraping it,
and discharges it directly below.
It can be measured and discharged without worrying about damaging the raw materials.This filling device is ideal for small-capacity bagging work that requires filling speed.

The internal capacity can be adjusted by shifting the position of the dedicated measuring cup set in the rotating drum up and down.
It is also possible to measure a small amount by turning the cup upside down.