Optional function for high accuracy

Optional fuction for high accuracy

Screw feeder

The screw feeders we manufacture are mainly used for conveying powders and raw materials. There are many raw materials in the world, and each of them has different characteristics. For example, when the powder is discharged from the screw feeder, it may come down in clumps like this picture.It seem to be discharged smoothly,but we need to to consider about the discharged amount as well. Do you think the result would be so accurate? 


In general, the quickest way to improve the accuracy of discharged amount, is to change the contorol to weighing control system. However in that case, it will cost more than the normal specification.There is an easier and faster way.We can solve this problem easily and low cost. The simplest way is using this component.Can you imagine how this small mesh work effectively?

Screw feeder

In this way,  the powder is loosened and discharged through a this mesh part. As a result, it will be discharged stably, leading to improve the accuracy. This part can be used just    fixing it to the tip of the screw feeder with a bolt. You can remove it when you don’t need it, so you can use it according to your characteristic of each powder and materials.This method is just one of our solution,with years of experience, we know many other methods.